Following modern trends, our restaurant’s offer is based on international and local / domestic cuisine, which is quite inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, which is not questionable because of the proximity of Dalmatia. We did not neglect the vegetarian cuisine while respecting the wishes and habits of our guests.

We offer light soups, various kinds of meat prepared in different ways, fish, mollusks, chicken, turkey, pizza, pasta, rice, fresh salads, homemade bread, rolls and others.

The seal to the local cuisine gives the famous Livno cheese and smoked ham, fritters, homemade pies, roasted veal under the bell, lamb, grilled meat prepared from local veal, pork or other kind of local meat and other dishes from our region.

A special place is for our own sweets and cakes that we prepare from a special recipe, and our pastry shop is the right place for all the gourmets.

You can always take a break between daily commitments in our restaurant where we offer various brunches at affordable prices, following your desires and habits.

Drink your morning coffee on the terrace of our restaurant, where you can peacefully talk to your friends, read newspapers or enjoy the beautiful scenery in the summer season.

Our staff is systematically educated to offer a quality gastronomic offer.